A talented artist shows compassion to deceased dogs in a hauntingly beautiful way, who were found along a forgotten about road in a downtrodden Cleveland westside neighborhood, opening dialogue about a little-known secret of the area’s past and present in an attempt to change its future.

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the artist

Sean Jason Kelly’s artwork has inspired and impacted admirers for years. Living and working in Cleveland, Ohio, Sean is a tattooist by trade with over 15 years of experience, and works with a variety of canvases and materials to create his brand of visual art. 

He has also contributed to numerous community awareness and fundraising projects to support local organizations in their efforts, including – St. Clair-Superior Development Corporation‘s “Year of the Zodiac Project“; Slavic Village Development‘s “Rooms To Let“; Friends of the Cleveland Kennel‘s (FOCK) “Art Fur Animals“; and more.

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the fund

The silver-lining to stumbling on such tragedy, a progressive initiative was born. Through Cleveland based non-profit – Friends of the Cleveland Kennel’s community outreach program, Neighborhood Pets, a fund called “The Dignity Endowment” was created to serve low-income residents living in Cleveland, Ohio, whose pets are near end of life, and need necessary veterinary services for the humane euthanasia of a terminally ill or aging animal.

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